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Grinding and Polishing

Concrete ground floors are both pleasing on the eye and entirely practical. The surface paste of concrete floor is removed and the floor is densified and polished to produce a stronger, more durable beautiful strong surface.


Placing and Powerfloating

The process of placing and powerfloating is a very complex art which cannot be underestimated. After the concrete is placed and starts drying and curing, and once the concrete can take the weight of the powerfloat, the powerfloating begins. Powerfloating takes careful timing and varies on a numbered factors ie, weather, concrete strength, air temperature, humidity and many more. Powerfloating produces a dense, smooth floor which is very practical.


Modern Furniture

Concrete furniture is made from GFRC and is easily moved, unlike conventional concrete. GFRC allows the concrete furniture to be lightweight. We love the challenge of making furniture by mixing materials for a modern look. We try to make your dreams into a reality by applying our knowledge and skill in the art of concrete.

  • Counters and Countertops

  • Modern Furniture

  • Decorative Finishes  

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